Korvis 500 - Line Scan Inspection Platform

The Korvis 500 line scan technology is a 2D system. Line scan works by taking one line (of 1 pixel width) at a time, and moving the camera or substrate in the perpendicular direction to form an image. The Korvis technology advantage is primarily software-- analyzing large images requires advanced software techniques, far more complex than typical 'area camera' imaging.

The Korvis 500 achieves the necessary camera (or substrate) motion via a high precision linear motor based gantry system with typical resolutions of 0.2 microns.

Features and Specifications

  • Resolution of 2000 pixels wide X infinite length
  • TDI camera
  • Scan rate of 40 megahertz = 20,000 lines per second.
  • Typical magnification result in 1 micron per pixel, thus 2000 microns (2 mm) across at 20,000 microns per second (20 mm/sec).
  • Higher and lower magnification / speed available at no additional cost
  • 3D applications - Korvis 500 technology couples a line scan camera with a confocal laser. Depth measurement resolution to 1 micron.
  • Compact footprint, 1.77m X 1.13m
  • Automated calibration
  • Advanced, open architecture controls package for material handling integration
  • True turnkey system integration

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